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Dear Members past and present

I hope you are well and are enduring the lockdown with good heart. It won’t be forever, although I must say it feels like that some days.

As you know from previous Newsetters we, the Committee, are finding it very difficult to continue. Some have been on the Committee for in excess of 10 years which is much longer than is required or allowed by our Constitution. Additionally, most, shall we say, are ‘of an age’, and feel it is time to retire. We have asked many times for members to come forward to take over from those Committee members wishing to stand down, but no-one has come forward. For this reason, and the fact that the Covid-19 situation makes it very unlikely that we will be able to arrange any events this year, the Committee have come to the decision, regretfully, that the Centre will close permanently on 21st May this year 2020.

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The Epsom Centre has closed

Please read the letter from our Chairman, which was sent to all members at the end of April

Those of you who have renewed your membership for 2020/21 will note that your cheques have not been presented for payment, again due to the lockdown, and these will be shredded and will therefore not be debited to your bank account.

There will be some minor expenses incurred in the closure of the Centre, e.g. postage for these letters, and when these have been concluded the final balance of our bank account will be sent to the National Trust, to be donated to our local National Trust property, Morden Hall Park, to use as they wish for the various projects they have. It is expected that this will be approximately £3480.

This decision, as I am sure you will appreciate, has not been taken lightly. The Centre has been in operation for almost fifty years and, from the records available to us, since 2003 we have raised £85,391 which has funded 125 projects at 37 different properties. Many thanks to you all for your support and generosity over the years. We have had some very happy times together and we will all miss the comradeship and friendship of our fellow members.

Please all take care in these difficult times, keep well, stay safe and as our dear Queen said “We will see our friends and family again, we will all meet again”.

With very best wishes

Robert Bourne